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Synchronize changes between instances of ascaled-out website on Windows Azure

World Wide Azure Publisher created by Composite

Per year


Install this package directly from your C1 Console - see the installation guide

30-day trial

Windows Azure with its data centers around the world and its Traffic Manager is perfect for a website that requires load balancing and/or geo-targeting.

Composite C1 with its integration with Windows Azure allows you to have a solution where you have a website running, for example, locally on WebMatrix and "push" changes on this "source" website to its multiple online "clone" instances on Windows Azure.

You can ensure this synchronization with the Azure Publisher package installed on your source website.

Azure Publisher enables you to publish the changes to your multiple website instances on Windows Azure provided that these instances in the cloud are "read only" or have Azure-aware code.

Besides, Azure Publisher allows developers to hook their own custom code into the publish flow and modify configuration files, allowing for more advanced publish features.

Additional features of Azure Publisher

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